A general system error occurred

A general system error occurred: The Virtual Machine could not start

This issue is about Powering ON a  Virtual Machine running on one of the ESX Server which has gone to disconnected state, where this ESX host was part of HA and DRS which is enabled on the Cluster.  My attempt to “connect” the disconnected host back to the vCenter failed with an error message, then I realized that there is some issue with the ESX hosts being going to disconnected state very frequently and I had to shut down the VMs and reboot the ESX host was the only solution I had to bring the host back to Normal state.

Host Configuration:

Hardware            : HP Proliant BL460c Gen8
ESXi                     : VMware ESXi, 5.1.0, 1483097
ESX Cluster        : HA and DRS enabled, admission control policy enabled
When the ESXi Host verified it is running an unsupported version of hp-ams running on the host and it needs to be either uninstalled or upgrade the hp-ams. The quick fix I chose was to uninstall the hp-amscompletely and then will think of upgrading the hosts with the latest patches available with will automatically upgrades hp-ams.
Since I am unable to connect to the ESXi over the SSH, I had to go for the reboot, took the approvals from different application owners and finally scheduled the ESX reboot by shutting down the virtual machines. Quickly after the ESXi reboot, I enabled SSH and uninstalled the hp-ams with the following steps:

How to remove the hp-ams package from an ESXi host:

  1. Move the ESXi host in to maintenance mode.
  2. Log in to the ESXi host as root.
  3. Run this command to stop the HP Agentless Management Service:
    /etc/init.d/hp-ams.sh stop
    Note: If it is in the process of stopping, press CTRL+C to stop the current process.
  4. Run this command to remove the HP Agentless Management Service:
    esxcli software vib remove -n hp-ams
  5. Reboot the ESXi host.
Once the agent was uninstalled, the esx has been rebooted. But I was failed to Power ON any Virtual Machine and have received the “A general system error occurred: The Virtual Machine could not start”


My attempt to Power ON the Virtual Machine failed through the vCenter Server is failed, however the Powering ON the same by directly connecting to the ESXi was successful.
  1. Open the vSphere Client
  2.  type “FQDN/IP” of the ESXi Host.
  3. locate the Virtual Machine and Power ON.

Thats it. Though the solution depends and differs from environment to environment.So there are are few KB articles available on the VMware Knowledge Base portal, which can help you if the above steps doesn’t work for you.

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