Reset the administrator@vsphere.local password in vSphere 5.5

Here are the steps to reset the administrator account password in a vCenter System running on Windows server:

Open the command prompt where the SSO services are installed.

  1. Navigate to the following director using cd command
  2. D:\> CD C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VMware\CIS\vmdird\
  3. type the vdcadmintool.exe in the command prompt.
  4. The Following screen appears.

Please select 3 to Reset account password, at the Account DN: prompt, type the following:

cn=Administrator, cn=users, dc=vsphere,dc=local

 A New Password will be shown in the command prompt for your use.
Make a note of this system generated password which is shown at the command prompt, which can be used to login to the vSphere Webclient and can be used later to change and set a new password.

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