Tier-1 Router in NSX-T 2.x

As we discussed in my previous blog post, there are two types of logical routers in NSX-T, the Tier-1 and Tier-0 logical Routers. So lets go ahead and look at how to create and configure the Tier-1 Router in NSX-T. To create a Tier-1 Router, log in to the NSX manager with the admin credentials.

Creating Tier-1 Logical Router:

Type the Username and Password at the VMware NSX Manager login page and click LOG IN

NSX Manager Login Page

Click Routing

NSX Manager - Routing
NSX Manager – Routing

Click ADD from the Routers tab

NSX Manager > Routing > ADD
NSX Manager > Routing > ADD

On the New Tier-1 Logical Router window, type the name and optional description and click SAVE

  • Optional Components:
    • If you have already created a Tier-0 Router, you can select the Tier-0 Logical Router from the Tier-0 Router drop-down Menu.
    • The Failover Mode can be Preemptive or non-preemptive mode
    • Edge cluster is option, if you have NSX Edge Cluster created, you can select the cluster from the drop-down menu.
Tier-1 LR 05.png
New Tier-1 Logical Router

Once the Tier-1 Logical Router is created click on Overview tab to see the details of the Tier-1 Logical Router. From the Overview tab Summary, you will see the ID, description, type, High availability Mode, failover mode, Edge Cluster, Intra Tier1 Transit subnet and the date it was created

Configuring Tier-1 Logical Router:

Tier-1 LR 06.png
Tier-1 Logical Router Summary

Click Configuration and then click ADD to add the Logical Router Ports to connect the NSX-T Logical Switches to the downlinks of the Tier-1 Logical Router.

Tier-1 LR 08.png
ADD Logical Router Ports

On the New Router Port, enter the logical switch and port information with the IP Address/mask details to connect the logical switch to the Tier-1 Logical Router

Tier-1 LR 09.png
New Router Port

Click Routing tab to create Static Routes or to enable the Route Advertisement.

Routing drop-down menu > Static Routes | Route Advertisement

When clicked on the Route Advertise, you can select the different types of router for the route Advertisement as shown in the following screenshot.

Enable Route Advertisement and select type of routes to advertise

Click Edit to enable Route Advertisement configuration and to select the different types of Routes . Toggle the button to enable status and to select different types of Routes

Enable Route Advertisement and select type of routes to advertise

Click Services tab to enable NAT and Edge Firewall

To find more details for given logical router, type the following commands on the KVM hosts.

get logical-routers <logical-router-UUID>arp-table
get logical-routers <logical-router-UUID>forwarding
get logical-routers <logical-router-UUID>interfaces
Validating the Distributed Router component on ESXi and KVM hosts
Validating the Distributed Router component on ESXi and KVM hosts

Please refer to the VMware Documentation for more information on NSX-T Data Center product at https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-NSX-T/index.html

I hope this is informative for you and I thank you for reading.

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